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Alerts comes in two formats. Email notifications and webhooks. Both are triggered by different events in These events are most often when a new response is recieved.

Getting started

Alerts are configured in the bottom of the very last page of the campaign editor. - Go to the Campaigns tab - Click the dropdown in the top right corner - Choose Edit campaign - Click Next untill you reach page 4 of the campaign editor - Scroll down to the bottom untill you reach a headline saying Alerts - Click on add alert - Choose the rating range you wish the alert to trigger on - Choose the recipient of the alert - Click save on the right, in case of webhook you need to click test first as we only save webhooks that get a 200 OK response. - Save the campaign

Dynamic alert recipients

You can choose between 6 different recipients.

Recipient description
E-mail Recommended: Will send an email notification to the mail you provide
E-mail to sender Will send an email notification to the sender of the survey. Many uses and this case will not do anything. If you send all surveys from the same sender all alerts will go to this. Use this if you change sender depending on who or what triggered the survey and the alert should be returned to the same email as sender.
E-mail to company responsible employee In B2B scenarios, this will send an email notification to the employee you have set to be responsible for a specific company, regardless of who is responsible for the survey participation or respondent.
E mail to responsible employee for respondent Will lsend an email notification to the employee who is set as the responsible for a respondent. This is only used if you knowingly have configured an employee to be responsible for a specific respondent at all times, like a key account manager.
E-mail to employee responsible for send-out Recommended: Will send an email notification to the employe who participated in the transaction related to the survey that is sent
Webhook call This will trigger a post request to the URL you provide containing information about a response. please use the test button to get an example payload send to the URL you provided

Alert types

Currently we only offer email notifications for new responses based on what rating is given.

Further triggers on different events or actions based on external events can be configured using services like Zapier or Power Automate