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Add NPS Score in Salesforce reports and -dashboards

Create relevant Objects

Start by adding below fields to the Object "NPS Response" with the below formulas:

Is Detractor:

IF( ISPICKVAL(npstoday__RatingGroup__c, "-1"), 1, 0)

Is Promoter:

IF( ISPICKVAL(npstoday__RatingGroup__c, "1"), 1, 0)

I these formula “1” and “-1” is referring to the API name of the “Rating Group”.

Rating Groups

Set up your report

In the report add the new fields in “Columns”

Now create a “Summary Formula”

Use this formula to calculate the NPS Score:

npstoday__Response__c.IsPromoter__c:SUM / RowCount * 100
npstoday__Response__c.IsDetractor__c:SUM / RowCount * 100
Rating Groups

Now create the dashboard that you want: Rating Groups