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Changelog 2022


  • Entering any IVR properties (if your selected provider requires any), are now much easier. The properties are no longer set through a JSON structure, but rather normal input fields as you are already used to.
  • Add or change your organization's profile logo through Account > General


  • Respondent survey history: When looking on the details of a single respondent, you can see a list of previous surveys that has been delivered or attempted to be delivered to the respondent.
  • Outlook access management: If you have access to our Outlook integration, you can now add and remove user access to this integration.
  • All tables are now more customizable. You can change the order of columns, pin columns to right or left side, and change the width of each column.
  • Delete companies and respondents.


  • Managing logos: You can now delete logos directly from the campaign builder and from the newly created 'Logos' page, where you can also view and manage all of your logos.
  • Awaiting Responses columns have been updated, hiding unececery columns such as rating time, and added new columns such as scheduled date.
  • Available categories and alarms can now be deleted from a campaign.
  • Two factor authentication is now available via text message - this can be turned on in the profile settings.


  • Added support button.


  • Table columns are now saved when changing pages etc.
  • You can now reset you password from the login page


  • Added 'Reports' page.
  • Added 'Reviews' page: For managing reviews that are available to the general public, and count towards a company's total NPS score, only available to customers with this feature enabled.
  • Rearranged some settings on the campaign/template editor. Most notably is the new tab called 'Anti-spam & sendout management'.
  • Optimized all tables to save filters, sorting and hidden/shown columns


  • Added functionality for changing and adding categories to responses directly from a list and table, without the need of opening popup menu for the intire response.


  • Improved performance on campaign and template builder.
  • Added functionality for setting a delayed survey delivery on the campaign builder.
  • After reloading pages with To and/or From date filters, these are now briefly highlighted.
  • Fixed known issue where the rating colors setting was not saved.


  • New known issue - Rating color
  • Dashboard date range filters removed from missing feature list. This feature is now available.
  • Fixed known issue where edit campaign buttons were missing on Manual and Link campaigns.
  • Fixed known issue where the interface did not use the full width of the screen but only used the center.
  • Added item to future improvements list "DMARC self service"
  • The Organization -> General page now shows "Account ID" and "SID"


  • Upload respondents with spreadsheets now report invalid columns.
  • Fixed an issue where {COMPANY_xxxx} merge fields would not be correctly filled in alert emails
  • Fixed an issue where reminders would be send to respondents who have already answered a survey. Bug has existed from the evening of 2022-06-07 to the morning of 2022-06-09
  • Resend survey removed from missing feature list. The festure is now available.
  • Left side on login screen is now sticky if you have multiple accounts.
  • New feature
Clone templates

Earlier you could only clone entire campaigns. Now you can also clone Templates.


  • API Fixed an issue where GET /respondents would not return company details when querying form PowerBI
  • API Fixed an issue where some responses did not have an OrgId which made queries from PowerBI miss some responses.


  • Survey Fixed an issue where surveys would not indicate if the category field is required.
  • Dashboard Fixed an issue where dashboards would be blank due to a caching error on large accounts.
  • API The GET /bi/campaignmembers endpoint now includes a new value "additionStatus"
  • API Corrected error where GET /bi/responses would return a total value that did not respect the date parameter.


  • Clone campaign removed from missing feature list. The feature is now available.
  • Edit Employees removed from missing feature list. The feature is now available.
  • Added one known issue - Content only fills center of screen.
  • Respondent overview flickering bug resolved.


New feature

Sendout Delay

Sendout Delay adds the ability to set a fixed timespan delay for surveys. Usage example: You wish to send a survey to a customer after a purchase in a physical store. Your register triggers a survey, but we want the customer to leave the store, maybe even reach home before they recieve the survey. A fixed delay time can postpone this survey by ex. 30 minutes to give the customer a chance to leave the store first.