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Changelog 2023


  • Fixed an issue that cause the consent collection checkbox to be hidden on universal link campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused the consent collection setting Opt-in / Opt-out to be ignored on surveys.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a response to be saved multiple times in a row. No data got lost, but this could have impacted performance for some users.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Next/Submit buttons on a few surveys to be hidden, when initially entering the page from an email.
  • Fixed an issue, that caused some logos on old campaigns to be hidden on


  • Fixed an issue where campaign members without responsible employees were hidden in the full report


  • Fixed an issue on rare cases where reminders could not be sent in campaigns containing deleted campaign members.
  • Fixed an issue where categories could be missing from the Category Rating (AVG) chart.
  • Fixed an issue where rating 0 from an email would not be handled correctly on


  • Previously, some users that should have access to specific integrations through, did not have. This has been fixed, as claim value check are no longer case sensitive.
  • When selecting an amount of time, the available values have been tweaked. Fx, the available values for ‘hours’ or now 0-23 instead of 0-24.
  • Survey buttons text is now no longer all UPPERCASE.
  • A small selection of older surveys did not render the survey logo. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug where deleted employees, moved to the "Recycle bin", appeared in downloadable reports.


  • Fixed a bug in the Dashboard Activation, where it always used the configuration instead of the custom date provided through activation.


  • It is now possible to view your current email and SMS providers. View your current providers from Account > Providers.
  • Fixed a bug on the dashboard, that in some cases causes the list of responses to display a page, that did not exist. Now, when changing filter options, such as timespan or selected campaigns, the responses list will reset to page 1.
  • Fixed bug that caused some pages on to create horizontal overflow.
  • Fixed a bug, that enabled admins to resend a survey before it was send out – scheduled surveys can no longer be resend.
  • Fixed a bug, that caused field descriptions on the Add IVR connection form to be hidden.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the template editor to display incorrect field values.
  • Fixed a bug, that caused responses from campaigns with the setting Force Single Submit to ignore a respondents nps rating. This was an issue very briefly, and we are working towards recreating the approximately 50 lost nps rating.


  • Fixed a bug causing the campaign setting Single submit to be ignored on


  • New 'Forgot password' and 'Create a new account' pages.


  • Added loading animations on surveys, indicating when the site is loading, and when the user interface is awaiting a response from the server.
  • If consent collection is enabled in the campaign builder and the placement is At The End Of The Survey (previously named After Outro Text), the checkbox is now placed at the very end of the survey instead, right before clicking Send. Previously a respondent would have to click Send twice to toggle consent, if After Outro Text was selected.


  • Cleaned up default categories in Bulgarian and Chineas that was wrongfully applied.
  • New accounts will nolonger automatically get categories in Bulgarian and Chinease.

Changes for integrations for Meridix (Dstny, 3 Kontakt, Telia TouchPoint, Telavox)

  • Minimum call duration to trigger a survey can now be set on individual connections
  • Ingoing and outgoing calls can now be enabled individually when triggering surveys on single users (Reports types BcsUserId or TelavoxUser)


  • You can now generate unique personalized links directly through Navigate to a specific campaign > ︙> Generate Unique Personalized Links.
  • On the dashboard, you can now select more than one campaign. Click the Custom field at the top of the campaign selector to select the campaigns of your choice.
  • Response history: Throttled events are now marked as yellow instead of red.
  • A bug prevented deletion of campaign members through the response detail page. This has been fixed.
  • When logging in to an account that only has access to one organization, no error message is displayed. Before, a brief error was displayed – “Could not login” – even though the login was successful.
  • When creating a new campaign, the Enable Throttling option is now available.
  • On the dashboard and campaign detail pages, the timespan values Last Year, Last Quarter, and Last Month now selects the correct from and to dates.


  • When sharing a survey link, there is now defined a preview image, title, and description, that will be visible, if the platform used for sharing the link supports this feature. Survey Link Preview


  • When a respondent has opened a survey, but looses internet connection before the answer is submitted, the UI will reflect this, prohibiting submitting before an internet connection is established.
  • When answering a survey with extra questions, the optional 'extra header text' was missing. The styling of the header has also been changed, so it stands out from the questions.


  • Unique personalized link documentation update GIF.
  • Unique personalized link now supports including custom data - update from using to is requierd to support custom data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the {EMAIL} tag for filling in respondent email in alert emails to not be filled
  • Fixed a bug that throttled reminders causing respondents on some campaigns to be moved into the failed category thus not counting towards respondents and response rate.


  • Support for Webhook filters. Now it is possible to filter by campaign when creating a Zapier integration for new responses.


  • Page breadcrumbs and headers now use less screen space, and are dynamically positioned to take up as little space as possible.
  • If an organization had less than 3 logos, the logos in the list on the campaign builder would not be rendered properly.
  • P-Gap sidebar menu item was hidden, even when it should be displayed.


  • Fixed a bug where some error messages on would result in an uncaught error showing in the console.
  • Campaign builder: Fixed a bug that made ceratin logos blow up in size when creating a new campaign. Logos should now start on the smallest size (20%) if no size is configured in the chosen template.
  • Fixed issue that caused some timestamps to appear in 12 hour (AM/PM) format instead of the default 24h format.
  • Added a 500ms "Debounce" time to all buttons to make sure no unintended double clicks happen. Ex. creating two of the same campaign by clicking twice on the save button with a slow internet connection.
  • Reduced clickable area of toggles so only the toggle button itself reacts to clicks instead of the entire container to avoid unintentional toggling of features and settings.
  • Changed Full Report to prioritize data from the Respondent (person) instead of the CampaignMember (participation).
  • Adjusted merge fields so they can now also be used in the email subject.
  • Old frontend ( has been disbled. It now redirects to
  • Christmas theme has been removed.