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Intro to the platform

In the system you can create surveys, manage NPS feedback and do survey send outs. Watch the video below for a brief introductiom to the system:

Creating a template

A template is used for quickly creating campaigns.

Note: you always need to choose a template when creating a new campaign. See the steps below:

Step 1: create a template. Use our default ones or add a new.

Step 2: create a campaign and choose the template to start.

In a template, you can change the language and create your NPS texts from scratch.

You can adjust both texts and settings. This is also possible to do when creating the actual campaign.

For instance, you have a new campaign each month. Should a setting such as reminders, be adjusted for each new survey? Or should this setting exist as a default in the template?

When you have filled out your template, reminder to save it, and you are ready for step 2

Creating new campaigns

Step two in creating a survey is setting up your campaign. Here you edit or create the survey texts and settings, to prepare the final campaign.

Setting up SMS surveys

You can enable SMS send out on surveys. You need to be aware of a few things when setting this up.

  • The option needs to be activated by, along with an authorization of sender name. contact for setup.
  • Sender name has a max of 11 characters (with space) and cannot have special characters in it.
  • 1 SMS intro text has 160-character max. if you exceed this, it will be charged as 2 SMS surveys.
  • All SMS intro texts must include {LINK} for the survey link to appear in the SMS respondents will receive.

How to do a manual send out

You can send out manual surveys to a list of respondents with your Excel template.

In below video we show you how to add respondents via Excel:

Creating live dashboards

Our livedashboards are shareable via links, and you can pick and choose what data should be shown in the dashboard.

Creating and sharing is a two-step process; first you create your dashboard, then you create the link for sharing it.

Remember, that link can always be deactivated, when no longer in use.

Sharing your live dashoard

Share your live dashboard by creating a link. When created, just insert the link in a browser. Remember, the link can always be deactivated when you no longer need it.

How to download a report

Download a report to Excel for an overview of your feedback. This video takes you through the “Full Report”, which generate an overview of survey send time, is an email survey bounced, are reminders scheduled at correct time etc.