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Flexfone for Flexfone offers automatic survey triggers on ended calls. Our Flexfone integration is an extension of your existing account and customer loyalty program.
This documentation will show you how to implement the integration to Flexfone.

Below shows you how the integration flow works. The documentation will go through these steps and elaborate on what they do, and what you should be aware of.



  • Have an subscription
  • Your subscription includes our API module
  • Have a Flexfone subscription
  • Flexfone User with access to the statistic module in

Trigger a report from Flexfone

If you can't create the report please contact Flexfone, to guide you.

First we need Flexfone to automatically send a report to our sFTP server. will give you the necessary information on the sFTP server.

I can't generate a report!

If you can't generate the report, please contact Flexfone, to help you.

Statistic module needed

Your user needs to have access to the statistic module.
If you have access you will see this icon on the left in

statistic module

To set up automatic report in Flexfone go to your page and enter your Statistic module.
Now navigate to Eksportér data -> Rapportoversigt.

Create report

Give your report a name.

Report type

Select "Køstatistik - detaljeret" as report type.

FTP Sender type

Select FTP as sender type.

FTP information

You will receive the information needed to connect to the FTP server from If you do not have the information yet please write to

FTP fields

Data type UTF-8

Note! All files transferred to the FTP server must be of the type UTF-8

FTP server protocol

The FTP server at will be of the following protocol:
SFTP - SSH (Secure Shell) File Transfer Protocol

Sender frequency

Now select the sender frequency. Every hour is recommended.

Sender frequency

Save the report, and you will send data to the FTP server at

Send surveys automatically

To send the surveys based on the file transferred from Flexfone to the FTP server will add logic, that ensure we map the right data to the respondent added to a campaign in

Logic adding data to

The logic handling the files is created in Power Automate and/or Azure Logic Apps.

What logic do you need?

It is important to have a close dialogue with about how this logic should work for you.

A basic set-up will use the following data in the logic:
Queue number: Decides the campaign in we should add the respondent to
A-number: To map the right phone number to the respondent (this is needed to send the survey)
AnsweredByName: Name of the agent to connect the response to the right agent
AnsweredByExtNumber: saved as an ID of the agent

All data will be added as custom data on the respondent.

Custom data stored on respondent
        "custom": {
            "queuenumber": "1111",
            "queuename": "Service UK",
            "bnumber": "12340000",
            "bnumbername": "12340000",
            "startdate": "20-02-2024",
            "starttime": "14:25:36",
            "starttimequeue": "14:23:33",
            "endtimequeue": "14:25:36",
            "endtime": "14:44:50",
            "watingtime": "12",
            "duration": "115",
            "callback": "no",
            "answeredbyname": "John Doe",
            "answeredbydepartment": "NoDepartment",
            "answeredbyphonetype": "Mobil",
            "answeredbyphonenumber": "200111"

Send survey

When adding data from the calls in the file from Flexfone to a campaign in a survey will be sent to the respondent. Make sure your campaign in is an SMS campaign which enables sending surveys as a text message.