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Response rate & Respondents

Response rate

In the platform we are calculating counting the respondents to calculate a response rate.

Response rate is calculated in the following way:

Number of unanswered Campaign members exposed to a survey within the given time frame
The number of responses within the same time frame.


To calculate the response rate, we count the respondents. Respondents is counted if a campaign member have a "first survey exposure". This mean, that all campaign members who had the chance to answer a survey is counted.

Below we have collected a list of the most common survey status codes, which excludes a campaign member from counting as a respondent.

Click here to see the full documentation of status codes.

Common status codes

Surveys with the following status codes, are NOT counted as a respondent:

**Throttled** (4002)
The respondent has recently received another survey from your account and a Throttling period on your campaign prevents the survey from being delivered.

**Duplicates** (4001)
The respondent already exists on this campaign and duplicates are not allowed on this campaign.

**Invalid email** (4005)
The respondents email address is clearly invalid. Ex. Missing @ or has no valid domain ending like .com no delivery attempt will be made.

**Invalid Phone** (4004)
Respondents phone number is invalid. Ensure the phone number is provided in the E.164 format. (+45... for DK, +1... for USA)

**Email survey bounced** (5001)
Email address is either invalid, blocked, unsubscribed (outside your account), does not exist or is in another way blacklisted at our mail provider.

**SMS survey bounced**(5201)
The targeted phone number is blacklisted by our SMS provider and no delivery attempt will be made.

**Already Unsubscribed** (3010)
Respondent has unsubscribed before this campaign participation.

**Call Duration Too Short** (4003)
When a survey is triggered from a call to a connected contact centre, but the call was shorter than a preset minimum talk time (default 10 seconds).