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3Kontakt uses dstny's "Meridix" platform behind the scenes.


Trigger an NPS survey on SMS after an incomming call has ended on.

  • Users (BcsUserId)
  • Queues (BcsQueue)

Getting started

To get started with this integration, we recommend that you reach out to your contact at 3Kontakt as they can provide further understanding of your phone setup. If you have access to the required information and know your phone setup please read on.


You have a subscription to that includes SMS surveys. You have the "IVR" addon in

You are required to provide the following attributes from the Meridix Statistics module in 3Kontant to setup the integration

  • CollectionPointIdentifier
  • CustomerId
  • token
  • secret
  • list of Mesurement Object Identifiers queues/groups/users to trigger surveys from

You should contact your 3Kontakt consultant for help with the above information, and assistance regarding your phone setup.


Getting your secret and token

If the gif below does not play please follow these steps:

  • Go to your Meridix website and login
  • Go to Adminstration -> Users
  • Click any admin user that will remain in the platform permanently
  • Go to the "API Tickets" tab
  • Enter a name and click "Create API Ticket"
  • Check the "Report" checkbox in the card that appears below
  • Click "View Secret" and enter your password again in the popup
  • Copy your secret and token

Meridix Authentication

Finding the identifiers

On the image below all all the data you need to setup your integration is highlighted in different colors

To find the location of the data displayed on the screenshot below. Login to your Meridix website at, go to Adminstration -> Mesurement Objects

  • Red is location hints to show where the screenshot is taken
  • Green is your Mesurement Object Identifiers they define a queue, User, or IVR. In the screenshot they appear as random letters and numbers ex. 29fa1gb but they may also appear at phone numbers depending on your configurations
  • Blue is your Collection Point IdentifierYou may have multiple of these that you can choose in the dropdown, usually most accounts has just one. You need the ID of this, not the name.

Meridix Info


go to

  • Click "Add IVR" in the top right
  • Give it a name
  • Pick a campaign (Set the campaign to manual at first if you dont want to trigger any surveys right away)
  • Choose 3Kontakt in the IVR Provider dropdown
  • Fill in the above information
  • If you don't know your Customer ID enter a random number
  • When everything is filled click test in the top right corner
  • If you did not know your customer id, you should see a similar message to this Meridix Info
  • Set your correct Customer ID and click test again
  • Otherwise you should get a JSON formatted response with the calls can see with the given setup and the timeframe set in the test window.
  • If everything is correct, click save, and you are live!


Ignore Transferred out

Checking the Ignore Transferred Out box will ignore all calls that are marked as "transferred out". This includes calls you transfer to phonenumbers outside your own phone setup, and redirections outside the original queue. However redirected calls inside your own phone setup may appear to be qualified for a survey at another user or queue if you have configured to react to these calls.


Custom data on campaign member

When adding a respondent to we map certain data in the custom field on the respondent.

Data stored in custom field on the respondent
"custom": {
            "specification": {
                "type": "Answered by member",
                "timestamp": "2023-12-08T11:42:57.177",
                "sourceId": "+4533333333",
                "redirectedFromId": "+4522222222 | Main number",
                "queueId": "+4511111111 | Support",
                "answeredByMember": "a323564764 | John Doe",
                "queueTime": 13,
                "duration": 123,
                "redirectedToId": "",
                "previousChain": "",
                "trailingChain": [
                "callId": "sbcthLNQz2QqBVafgsakgfVhAVFVZ24jghklghgFzhBI.Bc.V.Hn",
                "organizationId": "99",
                "ownerId": "+4511111111",
                "callbackReferenceId": "",
                "customMessage": ""


"trailingChain" as you see in above JSON body is used to identify the chain of a call.

In the below example you see four points of interaction.

"trailingChain": [
The phone numbers indicate the queue, that has been called, whereas the "a-numbers" is an agent ID and indicates the agent answering the call.

In this case the caller called the queue with number "+4545454545"
Agent "a258554524" answers the call
The caller is redirected to the queue with the number "+4546464646"
Agent "a258553433" answers the call

FAQ & Known issues

Survey delay

Surveys can have a delay of up to 20 minutes after a call has ended due to delays in Meridix that we use to get call information, and our query interval towards Meridix of 10 minutes between each update.

Redirected/Transferred calls

Due to the nature of Meridix being a statistical platform we do not always get the correct information about where a call have ended. A call may in your agents point of view be transferred to a colleague, but in the data we read from Meridix be listed as actually ended before it was transferred out. In in this case please manually reassign the empoyee you think is the correct responsible for the call in

Warning: Multiple identical calls

Notice that by configuring survey triggers on both Queues and Users may cause the same call to be seen twice by our software. If you use our Throttling and/or Duplicate features we will only deliver and charge for one survey. However we do not see the calls in a fixed order so we can not distinguish between them which may result in a wrong employee being assigned as responsible to a survey, or a customer getting a wrong survey. Including the same agent twice and the effects of doing so is your own responsiblity.

Minimal callduration

Call duration filter can currently not be changed. Minimal call duration to qualify a call for a survey is fixed at 10 seconds.