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Changelog 2024


  • Merge fields "answer 1-5" for notifications now include the related question.
  • More support for merge fields on text fields in the campaign builder
  • Response modified timestamps as well as a modifiedAfter filter is now available on get endpoint:
  • Fixed issue where an inactive employee, can still access the assosiated organization through the webclient
  • Fixed issue where a sender from a spreadsheet could not be used as sender for a campaign
  • Webhook related "issues/missing mappings" have been resolved (used by integrations such as Dynamics, etc.)


  • Resolved an issue where the Unique Personalized Link form on was not correctly processing data entered via the browser's autofill feature.


  • Improved Popup Navigation: Resolved a scrolling issue in the popup. Previously, the survey did not automatically return to the top when changing pages. This has been fixed in the latest update. Please ensure you are using the most recent version by following the instructions in the Script to load popup section of our documentation.


  • Fixed an issue where the NPS notification trigger "E-mail to Sender" was not selectable.
  • Resolved a problem that caused an error in survey questions when multiple lines were detected in the text. Now, multiline questions is automatically converted into a single line.


  • New integration available: AirCall. Send SMS surveys to your customers after a call.