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Set up guide for Dynamics CRM - Cloud


The for Dynamics CRM Cloud plug-in solution consists of the following 5 components:


The primary components are in the NPS Service:
The tables for storring data and the flows fetching and sending data are the 2 primary parts of the solution.

Solutions parts

Cloud Flows

The cloud flows are used for data interaction between Dynamics CRM and the solution.


Calculate Average Rating

This cloud flow calculates the Average rating on the corresponding Account.

Flow - avg rating and account

Get All Campaigns

This flow should only be run initially to fetch all the campaigns in the solution.

Get All Campaigns

Get All Responses

This flow is used for fetching all existing responses on the platform. It is a recurring flow that calls itself until all responses have been fetched.

Firstly the NPS Record Count should be set to the value 0:

NPS count = 0

Then go to the flow and get the URL:

Flow URL

Copy the URL and paste it into the last action:

paste URL

By doing this, the flow will run until it reaches the last survey response on the platform.

The value NPS Record Count will be incremented to reflect the number of responses.

Receive Campaigns

This flow fetches new campaigns being created in the solution and adds rows in the “NPS campaigns” table:

NPS Cmapiagn Table

Receive new responses

This flow fetches reponse updates and updates the response record accordingly.

Fetch responses

Send Survey

This flow creates a row in the table NPS Survey with respondent/campaignmember information without a rating.

Send survey

Update Campaigns

This flow updates changes made in the solution with the corresponding value in the “NPS campaigns” table:

Update campaigns


List of the campaigns created in the online tool.

Campaign list

NPS responses

Shows all responses and is used for sending new surveys.

NPS responses


Shows charts ans responses related to the specific contact in a list/grid view.

View - Contacts


Shows charts and responses related to the specific Account in a list/grid view.

View - Accounts

Initial setup

After the solutions have been imported and the steps in the setup guide are complete, we need to fetch campaigns and responses.

  1. Update the “NPS Record Count” to 0 in the settings.
  2. Run the “Receive All Campaigns Flow”
  3. Edit,adjust and run the “Receive All Responses” as per instruction in the former section.

Dynamics CRM – APP

View - Accounts


In order to receive and send nps information with the service the following settings most be set up:

NPS settings

Fetch all campaigns

Fetching campaigns 1

Fetching campaigns 2

Fetching campaigns 3

Fetching campaigns 4

Get all responses for the first time

To get all the responses initially edit the flow “Get All Responses”.


Now paste it at the end of the flow:


The next part is activating the flow via a POST http request to the URL:

Activate Flow

Now the responses are being updated in CRM:

AUpdated responses