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Domain Authentication - Whitelabel

If you wish to broadcast with your own domain name (Whitelabeling), it can be done as follows:

1. Set up SPF records

Surveys being sent out through the tool will be sent from 3 IP addresses.

Our domain ( has authenticated these 3 IP addresses.
The purpose of authentication is that recipients' email servers should not interpret the emails as spam or phising attempts.

To authenticate the 3 addresses, the following must be set up on your domain (e.g.
A text string must be added to the domain's SPF record - it can be added in two different ways:

Method 1:
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4:

Method 2:
Add a TXT record to the root domain with the value ""

Example domain administrator GoDaddy:
How to send surveys using your own domain name (White labeling):

GoDaddy example

2. Set up with DMARC/DKIM:

Here at, we need to know in which domain you would like to send out from. Afterwards, we will add this to our SMTP server, and it will generate some DKIM (keys) that needs to be in your DNS host (in the respective domain(s))

You will receive the values on Email, and then these domains will then be verified to our SMTP server (after you added them). This will make sure that we send out emails that will not end up in spam and get approved by the email authentication standard (DMARC).

The values you receive on your email from our SMTP server are opened via a link, which for security reasons only is active for 48 hours. Because of this we don’t necessarily send you these values until you're ready to set it up.

Fallback sender

In case something goes wrong with the setup, we have a fallback sender that will be used. It is:

Contact our support if your emails are sent from this address, so we can help you set up the domain authentication.

Last update: 2024-01-04