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A better guide will be written soon. For now, use the short one below.

Setting up post chat page

  1. Make sure that you have service console set up. Without this enabled you cannot chat with customers

  2. If it is your first time setting up the service console, click on "Chat with customers" when setting up the chat.

  3. Make sure that "NPSPostChatSurveyPage" is the post page for when a chat has ended. One of these places is in "chat buttons and invitations -> edit -> post-chat page.

  4. Find your "Embedded Service Code Snippets" and make sure that when you copy it that "embedded_svc.settings.autoOpenPostChat = true" is included in the code. If not, then add it.

  5. Find a campaign and link it to the chat. Go to and find the "public id" of the desired campaign. Then inside Salesforce go to custom settings and add it to "NPS Public Id".

Setting up security (session settings).

If you have not set up the security correct, this might impact the chat. The following steps are only suggestions and it is up to you to set up the security you would like to use.

Make sure that you have set up the correct domains in session settings. One domain that likely will be needed is "*". Make sure that iframe type is "Visualforce Pages".

Consider if XSS protection is needed

Clickjack protection