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Zapier NPS App

The Zapier NPS app allows you to send out surveys based on events in your own system and to get your own system notified when responses or campaign members are added. This section will have a brief introduction the the different components of Zaper, followed by a quick tutorial.


To be able to use these triggers and actions, you will need the following:

  • subscription(Which includes the API module)
  • Apikey(Can be generated in the nps System)
  • Zapier Account

Sending out surveys: Tutorial

How to connect NPS and HubSpot with Zapier

In this tutorial, we will try to connect NPS with HubSpot using Zapier, and exemplify possible ways of using the triggers and actions available on Zapier.

Send a survey when a contact is created

  • Step 1: Create a Zap
  • Step 2: Choose HubSpot as your trigger application, and select the New Contact event as your trigger
  • Step 3: Fill out relevant information
  • Step 4: Choose NPS.Today as your action application, and select the Send Survey event as your action
  • Step 5: Fill out relevant information, you will see that you have information available from the HubSpot trigger.

Receive information when a new response is added

  • Step 1: Create a Zap
  • Step 2: Choose NPS.Today as your trigger application, then select New Response as the trigger event for your Zap
  • Step 3: Either choose your NPS account if you have already connected Zaps before, or connect to NPS by typing in your NPS.Today Apikey.
  • Step 4: Choose the campaign you want to send a survey from
  • Step 5: Test the trigger, you should see a response containing and example of the possible information that can be available from your trigger. See the Note
  • Step 6: Choose the action from HubSpot you wish to create when a new response is received such as Update a deal or Update a ticket

Note: The sample data from the trigger may show more information to be available than is actually the case. The information that is eventually available depends on the information added about the respondent and response, e.g. if you don't have follow up questions in the campaign the Answer fields will not contain anything

How to use the New Campaign Member

Do the same as with New Response but choose New Campaign Member as your trigger event instead.

Example using Zendesk Sell

Let us say we want to connect Zendesk Sell with NPS.Today in order to send out a survey every time a deal has been won.

Requirements: NPS.Today API Key, Zendesk Sell Account, Zapier Account

  • Step 1: We go to our Zapier account and create a new zap, as the trigger we want to use Zendesk Sell's 'Deal Enters New Stage in Zendesk Sell'

Since we want to send a survey to the primary contact of the deal, the first thing we need is to make sure we have information about that contact. From the test of the trigger it can be seen that the only information the trigger provides is an ID of the primary contact. So in order for us to get more information we must first look up that information in Zendesk Sells system. This is done by creating a 'Search' Action.

  • Step 2: As the first action after the trigger we choose Zendesk Sell and the 'Search' action, 'Find Contact in Zendesk Sell', now information about this contact will be accessible in our upcoming steps in the Zap.

Furthermore we need information about the Deal, the owner of the deal and the company.

  • Step 3-5: Therefore we will make 3 actions similar to the one in 'Step 2' using 'Find Deal in Zendesk', 'Find User in Zendesk' and 'Find Company in Zendesk' 'Search' actions.

  • Step 6: Now that we have the information required to send a survey we have to start the action 'Send Survey' from NPS.Today, here we fill in the necessary information from the previous searches. Using the primary contacts name and email, adding the owners name and id to the employee fields and the Deal ID in the external ID field.

This is it, now the primary contact of a deal will receive an NPS whenever a deal reached the stage 'Won'.

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