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Checklist before you hit "send"

Below we have gathered a list of features we advise you to consider before sending out your survey.

Throttling & duplicates

Setting up anti-spam is strongly advised. Choose between disallowing duplicates or setting up a quarantine period for each respondent, in order to have anti-spam active. In case your send out data has duplicates, system failure etc. etc., having a filter that blocks spam send outs is always a good idea. For on-going campaigns, throttling is most likely the way to go.

Click here to learn more about throttling and duplicate.

Add Survey reminders

Consider sending reminders to increase your response rate. Double-check that reminders don't clash with weekends - the system doesn't freeze send outs in the weekends.

Click here to learn more about setting up reminders.

Make sure your sender domain is verified

A non-verified email domain results in surveys bouncing or ending in spam. is the default domain of accounts, and always safe to send out with.

You can contact if you want to know more about setting up your own domain, or to request a verification.
In the email you include the desired sender domain (e.g. and the contact information of your employee who should receive the documentation for setting up the verification.

Click here to learn more about adding/editing your sender email.

Click here to learn more about what needs to be verified on an e-mail domain.

SMS surveys

Make sure that your phone numbers have a area/land code, and add the SMS text includes a link ({LINK}) for respondents to click.

See below how the link should appear in the SMS text on the campaign:


Click here to learn more about sending out surveys with SMS .

Test before you hit send

Clicking through a test survey is a great way to ensure, that everything appears as desired. Make sure to click all the way through the survey.

Click to learn more about how to test your survey.

Timing is everything

Avoid B2B send outs outside work hours and try to go for the beginning/middle of the week. Tuesday- or Wednesday afternoon is usually the sweet spot for a relational NPS.