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Setting up survey triggers in Zendesk

Sending NPS surveys from Zendesk can help you collect valuable feedback from your customers and improve your overall customer experience. With, you can automate the process of sending NPS surveys to your customers, and collect and analyze the responses in real-time.

In this documentation, we will guide you through the process of setting up triggers and webhooks in Zendesk to send NPS surveys via


Create a campaign via the platform and obtain the CampaignID - In this example – the CampaignID is 13544:


Also an APIkey is required - click here on how to create an API key.


Zendesk Webhook

In Zendesk go to the Admin Center and create a Webhook.

Remember to use the correct CampaignID in the Endpoint URL.


Insert: endpoint
Method = POST
Format = JSON

  • Basic authentication
  • Username: apikey
  • Password = { apikey}

Zendesk Webhook

Zendesk Trigger

Now create a Trigger and use the action “Notify active webhook” and select the webhook you created in the previous step.

Zendesk Webhook

Now add the JSON to the Action.

Zendesk action

Below is an example of the JSON body. See more information about our API here.

"Respondent": {
      "firstName": "{{ticket.requester.first_name}}",
      "emailAddress": "{{}}",
      "employee": {
        "email": "{{}}",
        "firstname": "{{ticket.assignee.first_name}}"
      "externalID": "{{ticket.requester.external_id}}",
      "phonenumber": "{{}}"