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Our integration for Puzzel enables you to manage your customer satisfaction and work with P-GAP, without ever leaving your Puzzel platform. Below is a complete guide on how to implement the solution:

Showcase of Puzzel
Puzzel showcase


Admin set up

  1. Go to Puzzel admin portal
  2. Navigate to Widget Administration and add widget
    1. Name and Title should be ""
    2. Url should be ""
    3. Make sure Handshake and Allow to get Puzzel access token are set to ☑️
    4. Type should be "Widget"
    5. Click Add widget
  3. Unfold the settings for the newly created widget and click Add widget property
    1. Key should be "APIkey"
    2. Default Value is your api keys from
    3. Type should be "Password"
  4. Navigate to Tab Configuration and add tab
    1. Call it "", and click Save changes
    2. Click the newly created tab, and click Insert a widget
    3. Find "" and click Add widget and then Save changes
    4. Click JSON Editor
      1. Replace "options" with the json-snippet further down (optional: keeps the widget open all the time on the agents puzzel view)
      2. Replace "header" with the json-snippet further down
    5. Click Apply then yes then Save
  5. Navigate back to Tab Configuration
    1. If the entire company should use the widget
      1. Click ☑️ at "" under Company/Inherit
      2. Set the value to on
    2. If only a user group should use the widget
      1. Click ☑️ at "" under Selected User Group/Inherit
      2. Set the value to on
    3. If only a user should use the widget (e.g. for testing)
      1. Select the User Group the user is in
      2. Click ☑️ at "" under Selected User/Inherit
      3. Set the value to on
  6. The widget should now pop up next time an agent logs in at 🎉

If you want to send out surveys when the call has ended, you need to make a link between your campaign(s) and queue(s) in Puzzel.

  1. Go to the Puzzel admin portal and find the queue keys needed, or go to and call this endpoint to get a list of all your queues.
  2. Now go to the IVR section on, and click Add IVR, follow the guide to add the link.
  3. Confirm everything is working as planned by going to and making a test call.

Adding P-GAP period

In order to test P-GAP period, the agent should be registered in The first time the widget is used for sending out a survey, the agent will be created automatically.

  1. Navigate to the P-GAP section on
  2. Click Add training session and go through the guide, making sure the start and end date are set, so that today's date are included, and the correct campaign(s) are selected.
  3. Go to and make a test call, to ensure that you get prompted with a P-GAP pop-up, when the call has ended.

By default, the call should be above 60 seconds in order to trigger a survey/P-GAP, this can be changed by contacting our support.


"options": [
        "key": "alwaysOpen",
        "value": true,
        "text": "Tab is always open",
        "typeId": 3,
        "enabled": true
        "key": "leftTabset",
        "value": false,
        "text": "Default opened in left tab-set",
        "typeId": 3,
        "enabled": true
"name": "",
"singleton": true,
"header": {
    "title": "",
    "info": null,
    "icon": null,
    "iconClass": "fa-solid fa-square-poll-vertical",
    "class": null,
    "color": "#000000"


Settings have not applied

Be sure to reload the Puzzel pages when making a change on This is due to the settings getting synced when reloading the page.

Video showcase