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How to add consent collection

Enable this feature if you wish to collect consent for public use of answers.

See our GIF below on how to add the feature:


Opt-in or opt-out?

You can choose for respondents to actively having to consent by ticking the (opt-in) box, or let them actively choose to withdraw their consent (opt-out).

Please note that the default setting is opt-in. You can choose opt-out, but this is not generally advised.


Although the GDPR does not specifically ban opt-out consent, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) says that opt-out options “are essentially the same as pre-ticked boxes, which are banned.“ Carefully consider if this option is right for your scenario.”

Where can I place it?

The consent box can be placed after the follow-up question or after the completion text, when the survey is finished.

See examples below: