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How to use throtteling as anti-spam

Throtteling is a feature to prevent survey spamming. Here you define a time interval, where a respondent is “frozen” to receive surveys.

Surveys are throtteled on all campaigns with the feature enabled. See picture below:


  • Throtteling is only relevant when the “Duplicates” feature is allowed. When enabling the this feature you allow for respondents to be able to receive a survey on a campaign more than once. When this is enabled, activating throtteling should be considered.

  • Throtteling is only available when editing existing campaigns.

Use case

A customer calls Customer Service. The issue wasn’t immediately solved, so they call again later that day. A couple of days later, they have another question, and call again. Should they receive a survey on all 3 calls? Or should we block survey 2 and 3 to prevent spamming the cusomter with surveys?

See below how you enable Throttling