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This document includes requirements for our outlook add-in, installation guides, usage information, known errors and FAQ. If your questions are now answered from this page, please go to for information on how to reach us.

Introduction for Outlook offers customer loyalty insights directly in your inbox. Our Outlook add-in is an extension of your existing account and customer loyalty program that helps your organization be more aware of what your customers actually think, and how you and your organization performs.


  • An active subscription
  • Azure AD / Office 365 subscription
  • One of the following versions of Outlook
  • Outlook on Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Outlook 2019 or later on Windows
  • Outlook 2016 or later on Mac
  • Outlook 2019 or later on Mac
  • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook on Mac (Microsoft 365)


  • See your contacts recent ratings when you open an email.
  • Follow your own performance over time directly from your inbox.
  • As meeting organizer, send meeting surveys directly from your calendar after a meeting has ended.
  • Save your own perception of a meeting to see if you are aligned the participants perception.

Getting started


Installation of our Outlook add-in should be performed by an Office 365 admin through the Admin Add-ins portal by searching for "". Follow the instructions given by Microsoft to deploy it to your desired users.

Assign users

Each user has to be granted access to use the integration individually. Please make sure users are invited with their work emails as we use Microsoft SSO capabilities to automatically log users in once they are inside outlook with the same account.

Users can currently be added through our interface here:

Using the add-in

Currently the Outlook add-in can be opened in two ways. Either in the "Read email" view, or by opening a meeting that you are the organizer of.

Opening it from the "read view" allows you to see NPS ratings from the sender of the mail you have currently open, or see your own performance for any NPS ratings that are related to you.

Opening it from the "Appointment Organizer view" (calendar) allows you to choose a NPS campaign, and choose which meeting participants to send a survey to. You can optionally give your own rating of the meeting to compare your own performance to the participants perception.

FAQ & Known issues


Using windows (10 & 11) built in features to resize the outlook window while having the add-in open will cause the gauge needle to appear as 0 even though the average rating presented is higher. Resizing includes changing screen, using the WIN + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT keys or dragging the outlook window to the resize snap areas at the edge of the screen Solution: open another email or close the add-in and reopen it.


The outlook integration does NOT work in shared inboxes. This limitation is unfortunately set by Microsoft which prevent us from developing a solution.