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etrack1 is now a self-service integration that you can adminster on your own at


  • Trigger NPS surveys when an etrack1 case is closed
  • Link surveys to a responsible employee
  • Map specific etrack1 categories to any nps campaigns (Many-to-one)


  • An active account
  • An active etrack1 account
  • A list of categories in etrack1 and what campaign in they should map to
  • The following etrack1 parameters
  • WUserIdentifier
  • WPublicKey
  • WSPrivateKey
  • EmailAddres for a designated user for the integration
  • Password for the above user

Getting started

To setup an integration between your etrack1 and account you will beed to contact both etrack1 and

  1. Gather all the above information. It may require that you contact etrack1 to get all the keys you need.
  2. Contact to grant you access to the etrack1 integration
  3. Use the self-service setup on to enter the information you gathered along with an optional desired delay.
  4. Choose with Categories from etrack1 should trigger surveys, and what campaign you want it to hit from the "connections" tab.
  5. Contact etrack1 to have them open the flow of data from etrack1 to
  6. Surveys should now be delivered when a case has been closed.

Configuring etrack1

etrack1 setup


We recommend that you have configured a single campaign that you use for testing to Manual Delivery before you go full automatic to ensure the data flow from etrack to is what you expect it to be. Manual Delivery means that the campaign wont send anything automatically, but you can still distribute links to the survey on your own.