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Requirements is built for online usage and does not require IT integration or local installation.


  • Internet access
  • Operating system . PC: Windows 7 or newer . Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or newer


  • Google Chrome version 50 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge 120 or newer

Freshservice/Freshdesk - License

  • Basic license (Minimum)
  • API module


The integration to Fresh Service is based on Automation in Fresh Service.

Creating the setup on the platform

To finish your integration to FreshDesk you need to first:

Sending an NPS survey from Freshservice

Freshservice sends a request to the API webhook based on events.

Go to Admin / Workflows / Automations


Create a new Ticket Updates rule:

In this scenario the survey will be sent when a case changes status to closed. Note that example of JSON body and the endpoint you need, can be copied at the bottom of this page.

image2 image3 image4

Perform this action: image5

Copy endpoint below:{{campaignId}}/respondentInlineAuth

Copy example of JSON body:

Remember to insert your API key from

  "apikey": "{{APIKEY}}",
  "campaignMemberModel": {
    "respondent": {
      "emailAddress": "{{}}",
      "firstName": "{{}}",
      "lastName": "{{}}",
      "phoneNumber": "{{}}",
      "externalId": "{{}}"
    "employee": {
      "email": "{{}}"
    "custom": {
      "TicketID": "{{}}",
      "Subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",
      "TicketURL": "{{ticket.url}}"

The only variables you need is the campaignID and APIKEY.