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Zylinc for Zylinc offers automatic survey triggers on calls, customer experience insight in Zylinc UI, and P-GAP (Perception Gap). Our Zylinc integration is an extension of your existing account and customer loyalty program.

Below GIF demonstrates how an agent will see responses from in Zylinc, how an agent adds a P-GAP score, and how the survey will be answered by the respondent.

Zyinc showcase


  • Have an subscription
  • Have a Zylinc subscription
  • Login with as an Administrator in Zylinc with access to Contact center and PBX configuration & Licenses and profiles in Contact center and PBX configuration”
  • Login with as an Administrator in
  • Login with as an Administrator with IVR access in to set up "Minimum Call Duration" (Optional)

Prepare the setup on the platform

This section is a list on the things you need in to complete the integration to Zylinc:

If you have issues with any of the above please contact our Support.

Survey trigger

Connect your Zylinc account to

To send out surveys after ending a call in Zylinc you need to create the connection to

The following settings need to be set up in Zylinc.

First go to the “Configuration Manager”.

Zyinc config

Navigate to “Contact center and PBX configuration” and click “Surveys”.

Zyinc config - survey

Click on “Create New” and fill out the form:

Survey set-up

Name: Give the survey a name
Survey provider:
CampaignID: Find your campaignID in
API key: Find your API key in

Click “Save”.

Add survey to a Queue

Now you need to add the survey to a Queue in Zylinc.

Go to the “Configuration Manager” - > Queue -> Select your Queue and add the survey you created above.

Add survey to Queue

Minimum Call Duration

In your can decide your minimum call duration. This sets the minimum length of the call before triggering a survey. The default is set to 10 seconds.
To edit this your user needs IVR access. Contact ( to request IVR access.

Go to -> IVR -> Settings and select your Minimum call duration.

Click “Save”.

Minimum Call Duration

Get customer feedback in Zylinc

Retrieve data from

In order to receive survey feedback from in Zylinc, you need to obtain the Webhook URL of your Zylinc tenant. This URL has the format below:{tenantId}/api/webhook/npstoday

When you have obtained your Webhook URL you need to login to and find the campaign which should send data to Zylinc.

On the campaign you need to create a NPS Notification with “Webhook call” as the channel.

Webhook -

See how to set-up a webhook on a campaign here:

Webhook GIF -

When this is set up data from your campaign in will be sent to Zylinc.

Enable feedback dashboard

You can enable a feedback dashboard in Zylinc. When enabled it will be visible on the "Survey"-tab next to "Activity". The dashboard will show NPS score, response rate, latest answers, etc.

Feedback dashboard

Create your dashboard

To enable this dashboard you first need to create the dashboard you would like your agents to see. This dashboard is created in See how to create a dashboard and a shared link here.

When you have created your dashboard and a shared link, you are ready for the next step.

Enable feedback dashboard in Zylinc

When you have the shared link to your dashboard you need to go to "Licenses and profiles" -> "Profile configurations" and create a new configuration.

Feedback dashboard

Now insert your shared link in the "Survey statistic URL".
Make sure the link starts with https:// with only one ":".

Insert link

Save your configuration.

Commission the dashboard

Commission your dashboard to your preferred user profiles.

Go to "Licenses and profiles" -> "User profiles".

user profiles

Select the User Profile.

user profiles 2

Add your Profile configuration to your User profile.

Add config

Your dashboard is now visible.

Feedback in Call log

You can also see the rating and P-GAP score under "Statistics" -> "Supervisor Agent Statistics" -> "Call log".


P-GAP is short for perception gap and is a method that measures the emotional distance between two people in a particular touchpoint. P-GAP calculates the difference between the customer’s and the employee’s experience in the situation and generates a P-GAP number. The larger the number the larger the gap between the experience of the employee and the customer. In practice, the employee will be prompted with a question when ending a customer interaction. The question is answered on a scale between 0 and 10.

Agent rating

To make an agent ready for P-GAP you need to set up a P-GAP period for the agent in Read this section to see how to do that.