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Our integration to Aircall triggers a survey after end call via a webhook set-up. The following documentation shows you how to set up the integration.


  • Have an subscription
  • IVR in is enabled
  • Have a Aircall subscription
  • Login with as an Administrator in Aircall
  • Login with as an Administrator in

Set-up your webhook trigger

To set-up the webhook trigger you need to go through the following steps.

Install Aircall Webhook

Start by setting up a webhook integration in Aircall.

Go to Integration & API -> Discover integrations -> find the Webhook integration and install it.

Webhook integration

Webhook integration set-up

Custom webhook name:
Give it a proper name.

Put in the following URL:{orgId}
Find your orgId here:
Account -> General -> Account ID. orgID

In this case the URL will look like this:

Only the event call.ended should be enabled. Webhook set-up

Get your webhook token

When the webhook is installed a webhook token will be generated. This token is needed later. Webhook token

Find your TeamID

The integration uses TeamID to identify what survey should be triggered. The TeamID will be connected to a survey campaign in via our IVR set-up (read more about this in the chapter about IVR set-up).

If you have a team for Support and a team for Sales these teams can be connected to different campaigns in to send surveys with a different wording and to easy divide data between teams.

Find the TeamID here:

IVR set-up

Log in to your account with an Admin user.

Go to IVR and click "Add IVR" if IVR is not visible please contact Support at


Now put in the following information in the IVR set-up:

Name: Give it a proper name
IVR Provider: AirCall
Campaign: Select the campaign that should trigger a survey
Queue Id: Put in the TeamID from Aircall
Webhook Token: Put in the webhook token from Aircall
Minimum call duration in seconds: Decides for how long the call should take to trigger a survey. If set to 10, all calls less than 10 seconds will NOT trigger a survey

Click “Save”

Now every time a call with the Team with the TeamID = 135656 we trigger a survey from the campaign AirCall if the call was more than 10 seconds.


Below is an example of the data we safe in the custom field om the respondenten in

Custom data
"id": 1743024112,
"direct_link": "",
"direction": "inbound",
"call_uuid": "CAbb0cc3f8e0775181b1f0ef39e1bb7eed",
"status": "done",
"missed_call_reason": null,
"started_at": 1702647402,
"answered_at": 1702647410,
"ended_at": 1702647422,
"duration": 20,
"cost": "0.0",
"hangup_cause": null,
"voicemail": null,
"recording": null,
"asset": null,
"raw_digits": "\u002B45 12 34 56 78",
"user": {
    "id": 1180575,
    "direct_link": "",
    "name": "John Employee Doe ",
    "email": "",
    "available": true,
    "availability_status": "available",
    "language": "en-US",
    "wrap_up_time": 0
"number": {
    "id": 742204,
    "direct_link": "",
    "name": "IVR nps test",
    "digits": "\u002B45 89 87 99 16",
    "country": "DK",
    "time_zone": "Europe/Copenhagen",
    "open": true,
    "availability_status": "open",
    "is_ivr": false,
    "live_recording_activated": false,
    "messages": {
        "welcome": "",
        "waiting": "",
        "ivr": "",
        "voicemail": "",
        "closed": "",
        "callback_later": ""
"archived": false,
"teams": [
        "id": 135656,
        "direct_link": "",
        "name": "Team 1"
"comments": [],
"tags": []

Note, that we do not save Notes and Tags created by the agent.
Notes & Tags