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Power Automate Connector

The Power Automate connector allows your system to communicate with the platform without a direct integration. This section will have a brief introduction the the different components of Power Automate, and a tutorial on how to use the connector.


To be able to use these triggers and actions, you will need the following:

  • subscription (Which includes the API module)
  • Apikey for (Can be generated on
  • Access to Microsoft 365


The connector supports the following actions and triggers.

  • Action: Send Survey
  • Action: Add Employee
  • Trigger: Subscribe to new responses being received
  • Trigger: Subscribe to new campaign members being added

Sending out surveys: Tutorial

How to connect to nps with Power Automate

In this tutorial, we will show how to connect to nps with Power Automate and send a survey

Common steps when creating a flow in Power Automate

The following steps are the same no matter what flow you want to setup for nps. The first section only have to be set up once, while the second section will ahve to be repeated for each flow

First time only

  • Step 1: Go to the Data tab in the left side panel, and click connections
  • Step 2: Press the New Connection button in the top
  • Step 3: Find the connector
  • Step 4: Type apikey followed by your Apikey

Each time

  • Step 1: Go to and login with the microsoft account you wish to use
  • Step 2: Press My Flows in the menu on the left side
  • Step 3: Select New Flow and choose Automated Cloud Flow in the dropdown menu

Send a survey

  • Step 4: Search for the trigger you want to send out a survey from and fill in the relevant information
  • Step 5: Search for the ┬┤Send Survey┬┤ from
  • Step 6: Associate the different values with the relevant information from the trigger

Receive information when a new response is added

  • Step 4: Find the Subscribe to new responses trigger image5
  • Step 5: Find the campaign you want to subscribe to image4
  • Step 6: Find the action you want to trigger and fill in the information from the trigger you wish to pass along

Note: The sample data from the trigger may show more information to be available than is actually the case. The information that is eventually available depends on the information added about the respondent and response, e.g. if you don't have follow up questions in the campaign the Answer fields will not contain anything

How to use the Subscribe to new campaign members being added trigger

Do the same as with New Response but choose New Campaign Member as your trigger event instead.