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How to allow duplicates on your campaign

Enable this feature to allow for respondents to receive a survey from the same campaign more than once.

Enable duplicates for ongoing campaigns, where respondents should be able to receive surveys several times.

Disabling duplicates is the easiest way to ensure, that respondents will only receive a survey once on a specific campaign.

Use cases
  • Enabled: A Contact Center survey is send after end call. The respondent can call the Contact Center again in a month and should be able to recieve the survey again
  • Disabled: You send out your relational NPS survey for Q4 2022 and want to ensure, that no one gets the survey more than once

To make sure you are not spaming your respondents with "Allow duplicates" enabled, you can enable Throttling to "freeze" the respondent from receiving surveys in a choosen periode (highly recommended).

See below how you enable "Allow duplucate" GIFallowdublicates