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Unsubscribe a respondent

You can choose between letting respondents unsubscribe via a link in the survey or, you can manually unsubscribe specific respondents yourself. This guide shows the latter.

Note: when unsubscribing, the respondent will be blocked across all campaigns in the account.

The system offers 2 ways of unsubscribing:

  • Single unsubscribe 1 respondent
  • Bulk unsubscribe by upload template

Single unsubscribe

See below how to single unsubscribe:


Bulk unsubscribe

Bulk unsubscribe is done using our "Respondent upload Template". See below how to find it:


When your template is downloaded, you need to populate column "T" called "respondent_subscribed" with "FALSE". You will also need to add the respondent e-mail in column "I". The e-mail is the unique identification which the system uses to recogize the specific respondent.

See the fields you need to populate in the image below: