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How to get more responses?

This section will give you inspiration and tools to get more feedback on your campaigns.

Increase your response rate

There are different ways to increase your response rate.

Below are different ways that can help you to get the response rate a bit higher to give you more value.

Add a reminder to your campaign

Adding a reminder can be a great help to increase your response rate. This will send one extra survey to all the respondents who hasn't yet answered the survey. in the campaign settings you can decide after how long time the reminder should arrive.

Click here to learn more about how to set up reminders.

Use your own domain as email sender

You should always use your own email domain (e.g., as sender on your email surveys. This will give the customer more trust in the survey that they are receiving because it has a sender e-mail they can relate to.

To use your own domain you need to verify that our IP addresses may send out email with your domain. A non-verified email domain results in surveys bouncing or ending in spam. is the default domain of accounts, and always safe to send out with.

You can contact if you want to know more about setting up your own domain, or to request a verification. In the email you include the desired sender domain and the contact information of your employee who should receive the documentation for setting up the verification.

Click here to learn more about setting up your domain for sending out surveys with

Be transparent and communicate about NPS

What is NPS? Let your customers know what they are receiving. Explaining the method behind the survey gives a better understanding of what you are using if for.

Why NPS? Let the customers know why NPS is your method of choice. How can it benefit your business and your customers?

How are you using NPS? It is important for your customers to know how you are using the feedback they spend time giving you. They need to know, that you are actually using the feedback, as a tool to optimize your business and create a better customer experience. Emphasize on how you use it in your everyday work, and how it helps your company improve the customer- satisfaction and loyalty.

Communicate your learnings Communicating the learnings, that you get from your customer feedback give a clear signal to the recipients, that your are actually using their feedback to improve your business. If you have made some concrete changes that has emerge from your customer feedback - don't hide them but tell the story of how the feedback from your customers create value for you and themselves.

Where to communicate? Take into consideration what communication channels you are already using towards your customers. Find out which of these could be a good way to communicate about NPS.

Great channels could be:

  • Newsletter - Make news about you NPs and customer feedback fixed part og your newsletter. This is a great channel to inform about NPs and changes the customer feedback may have on your business.

  • E-mails - This is often used to send an e-mail to the customer before a send out to let them know when the survey is arriving in their inbox to get a high response rate. Sending teaser main before a relational NPS can be a good idea.

  • Direct communication - Direct communication or "mouth-to-mouth" communication can be very efficient. This can be a great way to increase your response rate on transactional surveys like after a meeting, after a phone call, after a webinar or event, etc. where you have the recipients "in front of you".

  • Create a webpage - Creating a webpage is a great place for the customers to get information about NPS and how you are using it. With a webpage you will always have a place to refer your customers to if they have questions or seeks more information about your surveys.

Below are some examples of customers using a webpage to communicate about NPS: Bank Nordik LEMAN

Who is our survey provider? Refer to your survey provider. This will give the customer more trust in the survey that they are receiving.

Increase the volume of respondents

To get more answers you can of cause ad more respondents to your campaigns. Here are a few situations where it could make sense to do that.

Lower the number of throttling days

On campaigns with throttling (anti-spam) enabled you can ask your self if the number of throttling day is too high. with a high throttling period you will block a high number of the surveys that could be send out. Of cause you have to think about the balance between getting more responses and not spamming you customers with surveys, but it is a question you need to ask your self as you get more used to using and get more experience with the NPS method.

Remember that a short and simple survey will enable you to ask more frequently.

Click here to learn more about using the throttling feature

Add more respondents

Adding more respondent can be a good way to get more answers.

In a B2B scenario it can be beneficial to ask more stakeholders at a company you are sending a survey to. Often it is not only the main contact, that has a relation to your company but several. Different stakeholders can have different experiences with your company, why it can be important to get feedback from all relevant stakeholders.