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Miralix v6.4 or above is required for this integration.


  • Trigger NPS surveys delivered by SMS after a call has ended
  • Trigger P-Gap questions for assigned agents in Miralix
  • Link surveys to responsible employee
  • Map specific Miralix queues to any nps campaigns (Many-to-one)


  • An active subscription that includes SMS
  • Miralix 6.4 or above
  • An API key to your account
  • A list of phone queue names/id's as listed in Miralix

Getting started

All you need is an API key from your account that you can create by going to your account settings under Management -> Account -> API Keys on and creating a new key. And put that into your configuration in Miralix

Surveys and the logic linking phone queues to surveys and P-Gap can be configured at