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Miralix v6.4 or above is required for this integration.
Miralix v7.2 or above is required for sending surveys after direct calls from an agent.


  • Trigger NPS surveys delivered by SMS after a call has ended
  • Trigger P-Gap questions for assigned agents in Miralix
  • Link surveys to responsible employee
  • Map specific Miralix queues to any nps campaigns (Many-to-one)


  • An active subscription that includes SMS
  • Miralix 6.4 or above
  • An API key to your account
  • A list of phone queue names/id's as listed in Miralix

Getting started

All you need is an API key from your account that you can create by going to your account settings under Management -> Account -> API Keys on and creating a new key. And put that into your configuration in Miralix

Surveys and the logic linking phone queues to surveys and P-Gap can be configured at

Setting up the integration

Follow the documentation made by Miralix on how to set-up the integration between Miralix and

Read the documentation here.

Note, that the documentation is in Danish.

Integration show case

Watch the video about the integration made by Miralix here.

Note, that the video is in Danish.