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Reschedule or add reminders

Questions on rescheduling or adding reminders:

Use this feature to either reschedule the reminders already chosen, or setup new reminders if none where added to begin with. You can choose to send out the reminders immidiatly or schedule them, as the video below will show.

FAQ for rescheduling:

  • Can I risk sending multible reminders?: no. You can only have one pending reminder. If you hae scheduled reminders, these will be changed and updated to the new time you chose.
  • Can I use the function if no reminders where scheduled?
  • Are these reminders different than the setting in the campaign?: Yes. The setting in the campaign editor is different. Here you fix a number of days which will generally control when reminders are sent, based on each time a survey is sent. The rescheduling function is for adding or changing current reminders.