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Whats new ?

Last updated: 2023-01-13

This document is your go to place for new features and an overview of what we are working on at

✅ New frontend

Our old frontend has been discontinued and therefore no longer accessible. If you feel that a feature is missing or not working as you expect in our new frontend, please let us know in an email to us at We are not opening for the old frontend again as many features will no longer work there due to all the changes we had to do to make everything faster and better in our ned frontend.

What's new about it ?

It's faster, more reliable, mobile ready, secure, and easy to use. The new frontend also makes the development of future improvements a lot faster. Our old frontend was slow, and many tools we used for it are deprecated, and many of you have experienced hiccups. Rewriting it from scratch would be the same task as upgrading it. So we chose to change things up a bit, and give you an entirely new user experience. At first you get a 1:1 feature set compared to our old frontend, and a few new things:

Campaign build flow

The campaign builder has been fully redesigned. All settings are now available from one single page, giving a much greater overview of your campaign, and eliminating the need of browsing through views just to find that single field you want to change.

Extensive survey design options

Designing your surveys is now easier with more tools at hand:

  • Improved text editors and previews

    Customizing your survey text is now easier than ever! You get a live preview of what your customers will see, as well as more options for text formatting such as bold, italic, underline, and mark to name a few. If plain text is not enough for you, you can now also include emojis 🥳.

  • Logo size and placement

    You can now change the size of selected logo on a specific campaign, and set the logo placement to be left, center, or right.

  • Global font

    If you select a font for your campaign, this font will now impatch all of the survey, including emails, follow-up questions, and links.

  • Custom color scheme

    The color of the survey header line and the NPS score buttons are customizable. Choose any color you would like.

  • Custom NPS scale text

    The text for Not likely and Very likely below the NPS score buttons are editable.

  • Merge field helper

    All available merge fields are now dieplayed in a searchable menu in the bottom right when you are editing campaigns.

Editor design options

Campaign setup
  • Delayed survey delivery

    Campaigns have the option to have a fixed delay from when a respondent is added, till we deliver the survey.

    This could be usefull when the event that triggers a survey happens before a customer transaction has ended. Ex. Customer in a physical store, a purchase triggers a survey, but we only want the customer to get the survey after they left the store.

  • Field validation All fields are checked for invalid input. Some fields present a list of valid inputs for easy use, such as the Sender field that only includes already validated senders.

  • Rating change We have added an option that gives respondents the posibility to change and view a given nps rating directly from the survey. You can turn this option on, on the campaign builder.

    Survey rating change

Integration management

You can now manage your Outlook and IVR integrations directly through the new frontend. Over time, more integrations will be added, until all of our provided integrations can be manually mananged.

P-Gap tools

You can now visually control which of your employees are in "Perception gap training periods"

P-Gap tools

Respondent history

You can now view a history timeline of respondents, e.g. showing when they recieved, viewed, and answered a survey. If a respondent against expectations does not receive a survey, the cause of the error should also be visible from the history timeline.

Respondent history

Managing your logos

Over time, you may upload many different logos which can be difficult to manage without a central place for viewing and uploading logos. Thats why we created a page just for that! Here you can view, upload, and delete logos. And don't worry, you cannot delete a logo that is being used in one or more campaigns.

Custom filters and sorting

Every table with data now has custom filters for almost any field with operators like contains, starts with, equal, to narrow down your views easily without exporting the data first. And dont forget everything in any table can be sorted.

Data Exports

All tables can be exported directly to .CSV so you can manupulate what you see in excel.

Is something missing ?

Yes, unfortunately some features that you know and love are still missing. We rather want to test features early to catch whats not working and fix it, rather than waiting to release everything at once which may not even be something you want or like to use. Features will be removed from this list as they are implemented.

All of the following features will be available ASAP

Admin - Edit users

Admins can not yet edit other users but themselves.

workaround: Users can edit their own information.

Access management

You can not yet change user role or permissions after they are added.

workaround: Contact and we will help you out.


  • 2022-06-01 Select customers are invited to test out our new frontend.
  • 2022-08-01 Beta testing is available to all customers.
  • 2022-10-01 RELEASE Our new frontend will become the new default. ~~Don't worry, if you are not ready, you can still use our old frontend at
  • 2022-12-31 Our old frontend is scheduled for takedown.


The following list is features that we still have on the drawing board, but that we plan to develop in the forseeable future.

Usage and Subscription overview

You will get an overview of your current usage split into Email, SMS and Other survey types and a view of other purchases and addons for your account as well as a tranaction log and subscription period.

Integration store

A list of integrations that are ready to setup, just add it to your account, give the required credentials to set it up and follow a few instructions and you should be ready to go!

Campaign builder separation

The campaign builder will be split up to individual survey types:

  • Email survey builder
  • SMS survey builder
  • Link & QR code survey builder
  • Popup survey builder
Improved dashboard

There will be no need to use, as the functionality of this site will be build into's own dashboard. The functionality you use today will be present, alongside new features. The design and features are still on the drawing board, but it is coming.

Known issues

At we are just humans like you and humans make mistakes. So we encourage all our users and employees to report any errors they find to so we can be transparent about stuff that is not working.


This section contains all changes both front and backend. If you do not understand a cartain change, it is most likely not relevant for you.


  • When sharing a survey link, there is now defined a preview image, title, and description, that will be visible, if the platform used for sharing the link supports this feature. Survey Link Preview


  • When a respondent has opened a survey, but looses internet connection before the answer is submitted, the UI will reflect this, prohibiting submitting before an internet connection is established.
  • When answering a survey with extra questions, the optional 'extra header text' was missing. The styling of the header has also been changed, so it stands out from the questions.


  • Unique personalized link documentation update GIF.
  • Unique personalized link now supports including custom data - update from using to is requierd to support custom data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the {EMAIL} tag for filling in respondent email in alert emails to not be filled
  • Fixed a bug that throttled reminders causing respondents on some campaigns to be moved into the failed category thus not counting towards respondents and response rate.


  • Support for Webhook filters. Now it is possible to filter by campaign when creating a Zapier integration for new responses.


  • Page breadcrumbs and headers now use less screen space, and are dynamically positioned to take up as little space as possible.
  • If an organization had less than 3 logos, the logos in the list on the campaign builder would not be rendered properly.
  • P-Gap sidebar menu item was hidden, even when it should be displayed.


  • Fixed a bug where some error messages on would result in an uncaught error showing in the console.
  • Campaign builder: Fixed a bug that made ceratin logos blow up in size when creating a new campaign. Logos should now start on the smallest size (20%) if no size is configured in the chosen template.
  • Fixed issue that caused some timestamps to appear in 12 hour (AM/PM) format instead of the default 24h format.
  • Added a 500ms "Debounce" time to all buttons to make sure no unintended double clicks happen. Ex. creating two of the same campaign by clicking twice on the save button with a slow internet connection.
  • Reduced clickable area of toggles so only the toggle button itself reacts to clicks instead of the entire container to avoid unintentional toggling of features and settings.
  • Changed Full Report to prioritize data from the Respondent (person) instead of the CampaignMember (participation).
  • Adjusted merge fields so they can now also be used in the email subject.
  • Old frontend ( has been disbled. It now redirects to
  • Christmas theme has been removed.


  • All messages displayed in the top right corner are handled through a new custom hook, for better maintanance and clearer and more consistent success/warning/error messages.
  • The style of messages have been changed, and added more text types, instead of just one text line: Title, decsription, and further info.
  • Campaign Detail page: responses now have 4 tabs: Responses, Delivered, Scheduled, Failed.
  • Added statusCode column to responses tables on campaign detail page. See detailed description of status codes here.
  • Survey reply page has changed platform to allow better error tracking and provide more speed and flexibility in our surveys in the future, look and feel remains the same.
  • Survey link changed format to* Older surveys will be redirected, but existing links will still work as normal.
  • Improved speed and accuracy of the endpoint used to fetch data for the dashboard found on
Integration Changes
  • etrack1: credentials form updated with username, password, and delay is now selects with Day, Month, Minutes, Seconds.
  • Outlook: A seat is no longer requierd for management rights for the integration, this means a user who just manage the use of the integration does not need to occupy a seat.
Bug fixes
  • Duplicate user claims in user access JWT token are now ignored in the frontend, but these are still displayed.
  • Unnecessary fetch of employees on Template page removed.
  • Respondents table filters now stays on after editing an entry while having an active filter.
  • After adding/editing an employee, any active sorting/filtering is now used upon refreshing the table.
  • Time periods on now have different description, so they match the actual behaivour (search based on X days ago)


  • Full reports now contains Addition Status. For more detail on status codes, please refere to our status code page


  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug on the responses details page where the history timeline had duplicate events.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dashboards using the "last-n-days" filter to not show any data.


  • If you are feeling extra christmassy or want to get there, you can now enable the christmas spirit on the toolbar at the top of the site.
  • Changes to the Reports page: Design changes for a better user experience, and added filters for active and closed campaigns.
  • Added a Reset Table button on the top right of all columns. This will reset all manually entered filters, sorting, density, column visibility, and pinned columns to its default state.
  • Added a Force Anonymous column to the response table.
  • All nps score headers in tables are now centered.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some p-gap training sessions to be hidden in the table.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survey send date and reminder send date to be blank on the response table.
  • Fixed the display value of long ids. Previously displayed with a comma separator.
  • Yesterday timespan now works as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases caused a crash upon clicking the Add training session on the p-gap page.


  • Fixed a bug that caused intro text on new campaigns to have a top and bottom margin in GMail email clients.
  • Fixed a bug that caused selected theme colour to be ignored in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from seeing more than the last 25 responses on a campaign detail page.


  • Campaign responses on the dashboard now load much faster than before.
  • To ensure that the site works optimal for all users, all cached data will be wiped upon reloading when there has been detected a new version of the frontend.
  • The functionality of the Export button on all tables has been causing some confusion. To prevent this, a description of what is exported via this feature is added. If more data should be exported, use the Reports feature instead, found in the sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error upon filtering tables on columns with numeric values.
  • The email field on employees is now required, but does not have to be an email. However, we recommend that you only enter emails in this field.


  • Fix an issue where some accounts could not choose the default Danish and German translations because they were tagged with the wrong langauge.


  • Fix a bug with email template where some merge fields were replaced in a way that did not allow other fields to be used as part of a link.
  • Changed limitation constraints for amount of data fetched in BI integrations.
  • Fix issue when getting Webhook information.


  • Performance improvements for Dashboards.
  • Adjustment on the logic to fetch Respondents: When filtering by date, the First Survery Exposure (date) is used instead of the Campaing Member's creation date. This change affects all dashboards and BI endpoints.


  • Added survey settings now available in the campaign builder: Logo size, Logo Alignment, Global text font, and Line spacing in the introductory text.
  • Improved timespan filter on the Dashboard, Campaign Detail, and Report pages. The default timespan in set to the last 30 days.
  • Date-pickers now show Monday as the first day of the week instead of Sunday.
  • Time-pickers now use 24-hour clocks instead of AM and PM.
  • When logging in to a new organization, data from the previously logged in organization is no longer displayed. Previously, old data was visible for a brief moment.
  • The refresh counter on the Dashboard and Campaign Detail pages now updated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some alerts being sent.
  • Fixed an issue where a respondent could not be deleted at times.
  • Fixed an issue where a respondent could not be created if was previously deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where employee errors were empty.

for older changes please see our changelogs